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“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle is credited to have made the above pronouncement about 2000 years ago. On the subject of happiness today, clinical psychologist Monica A Frank says, “… whether we are talking about today or 2000 years ago, happiness is a consequence of pursuing a life of meaning and well-being.”

There’s no mistaking the fact that right through the history of civilization, happiness has been a primary aspect of life and living.

As an evolved generation living in modern times, we now seek an array of diversions that bring a zing to life. We are constantly on the lookout for destinations that are the perfect answer to the happiness we seek—destinations that are not only conveniently located but are also safe, and at the same time, offer the excitement and happiness we seek; in short, a totally enriching and fulfilling experience.

This was the precise line of thought that prompted us— the Nellore based MGB Group—to conceive the MGB Felicity Mall, on property our family has owned for generations in Dargamitta, a prime locality of Nellore, AP. It was therefore an exceptionally happy moment for us when the MGB Felicity Mall came into being on these premises to cater to a catchment area of four districts (Nellore, Prakasam, Kadapa, and Chittoor) that has a combined potential population of 134 lakhs. The MGB Group is backed by a ninety-year-old track record, founded on values that stand on four fundamental principles, namely—ethical business practices, sound financial discipline, consistent value to customers, and moving in step with changing times.

MGB Felicity Mall, the name says it all!
The word Felicity denotes intense happiness. Conceived with the sole intent of providing happiness on all counts to its patrons, the destination has aptly been named the MGB Felicity Mall.

Welcome to Andhra Pradesh’s largest mall!
We opened for business on June 24, 2016. And, in the short span of time it has traversed between then and now, patrons and the mall management have together turned MGB Felicity Mall into a trendsetter in the region. It is a vibrating and well-frequented space of 320,000 sq. ft. spanning six floors—the only organized mall in and around an 180kms radius of Nellore, covering four districts (Nellore, Prakasam, Kadapa, and Chittoor). In a span of 36 months, MGB Felicity Mall has received over 13 million visitors and has achieved a very strong YOY growth record with business conversion seeing double digit growth over the previous year. With plentiful options for entertainment, dining, and modern-day shopping, MGB Felicity Mall is a thoughtfully laid out destination—a family entertainment center that is today Andhra Pradesh’s largest mall!

A plethora of outlets of top line pan-India and international brands provide the new-age customer a dazzling array of shopping choices. Alongside, MGB Felicity Mall houses an exclusive food court with eateries that have a combined menu of about 1,500 items. The mall’s ground floor is headlined by the ever popular McDonald’s and KFC outlets that are a huge draw among patrons.

The Big Bazaar hyper store is yet another favorite that has large crowds milling inside, always kept on their toes with its enormous range of merchandise and unbelievable consumer offers.

An absolute bonanza awaits movie buffs at THE CINEMA situated on the third floor. A choice of five 4k screens with Dolby sound courtesy SPI Cinemas, south India’s leading exhibitor, screen the latest titles guaranteed to provide audiences a world class experience.

The exclusive 12,000 sq. ft. gaming zone on the fifth floor of MGB Felicity Mall has a mind-blowing selection of games and consoles to provide unending excitement to gamers.

To ensure a wholly enjoyable and pleasant experience for patrons, the mall management has taken utmost care to provide ample parking and courteous customer service. A very high standard of hygiene, plus safety arrangements backed by CCTV surveillance, firefighting equipment, and round the-clock security add to MGB Felicity Mall’s distinctive features.

Spoilt for choice in the mall
MGB Felicity Mall boasts of an impressive collection of both pan-Indian and foreign brands, partnering some of the best in their category to leave you truly spoilt for choice!

An ethos of innovation
At MGB Felicity Mall patrons are continually enthused to the buzz of excitement with a packed event calendar. Festivals of every hue and color are marked with hi-octane events set against the colorful backdrop of decor that captures the mood and essence of every festival and occasion. For instance, events held to mark the Sankranti festival have proved to be a resounding success, drawing crowds in excess of 50k to the mall. Adding to the fun and games is an exciting bounty of prizes that awaits winning participants.

Summertime at MGB Felicity Mall is truly fun-time for kids! The KIDS’ CARNIVAL acts as the Pied Piper, drawing children out from every nook and corner. Kids thrive on the opportunity to showcase their unique talents to the world on the buzzing and vibrant stage that is the MGB Felicity Mall.

Music aficionados of the city and its surrounding areas make a beeline for the mall as they are treated to live performances ever so often by their favorite national level rock bands. This is a first for the city, introduced exclusively by MGB Felicity Mall. To date, over half a dozen bands have performed live at MGB Felicity Mall. In the aftermath of these highly successful performances, several organizations have come forward to book space to hold their own public shows at this venue; such is the popularity of MGB Felicity Mall.

Concern for the environment is at the core of MGB Felicity Mall. Its innovative environment sustainability program comprises a slew of measures, from rooftop solar panels that harness solar energy, to use of bio-degradable bags, LED lighting, energy efficient chiller system, and water recycling system. Automatic sensors fitted to escalators and travelators and an atrium that allows natural light to pass through generate substantial savings in electricity.

Making the outdoors an integral part of the architecture is a signature of MGB Felicity Mall. Ample open space, at the front as well as the back—with the front portion beautifully landscaped—is bound to leave every visitor feeling refreshed in mind and spirit.

Fit and happy at MGB Felicity Mall!
Physical activity has long been linked with a corresponding enhancement of the happiness quotient. Therefore, promoting sports as a lifestyle activity is yet another cause the mall takes up with great enthusiasm. Holding regular competitions that not only attract sports lovers, but also stir up public interest in the role of sports in maintaining good health is an exclusive feature of MGB Felicity Mall.

There’s something for everyone!
The fun-for-everyone nature of the mall is highlighted by the sight of senior citizens who, with small children in tow, visit the mall as part of their daily evening routine. While the amusement area on the ground floor keeps the kids amused for hours, their grandparents walk around enjoying the cheerful, leisure-soaked ambience.

In Nellore and its surrounding areas, MGB Felicity Mall is highly popular as the go-to destination for everybody—families, solo, gangs of friends, and visitors to the city, who look forward to a day of fun and frolic. It is a favorite haunt among the young crowd, who see it as a place to hang out, chill and generally let their hair down. For tourists, it is a “must visit” destination on their itinerary. As Nellore’s only family entertainment center, MGB Felicity Mall is a destination that guarantees everyone intense happiness!

Accolades galore
In its single-minded mission to deliver happiness to all its customers, MGB Felicity Mall has repeatedly been winning awards for its excellent performance. In the space of just two years we have had the privilege of being honored with three regional and one national level award.

Although a Group venture, MGB Felicity Mall is essentially the brainchild of M. G. Gopalakrishna, Jt. Managing Director, M.G.Brothers Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Supported by a dedicated team of professionals who have made it their sole mission to provide patrons with a world-class experience of limitless entertainment, M. G. Gopalakrishna looks after the day-to-day affairs of the mall. The dream he started out with was to give the city of Nellore an exclusive family entertainment center where everyone could have a whale of a time.

Needless to say, a lot of time and hard work has gone in to turn the dream into reality. And we are sure you will agree, the end result has been very heartening and totally worth the effort! Today, MGB Felicity Mall stands tall as an exceptionally crafted mall—a combination of high-street shopping facilities in an ultra modern environment featuring cafés, restaurants, movie halls, and gaming zones to give the new age customer an immersive experience. It is today an honest testimony to our commitment to bring a smile on every customer’s face. Welcome to Andhra Pradesh’s Largest Mall!

Meet The Guiding Force

A combination of sterling qualities and strong values drive this livewire of an individual.  Meet M.G.Gopalakrishna, the younger of M. R. Gangadhar’s (Chairman, M G B Group) two sons, the guiding force behind MGB Felicity Mall.

A third generation member of the 90-year-old MGB Group he joined the group’s automobile business after completing his graduation in engineering. In a short span of time, his latent managerial abilities and business acumen saw him move into a leadership position as the Jt. Managing Director of M. G. Brothers Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. With the intent of enhancing the effectiveness of his leadership, he is attending the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) of Harvard Business School (2019-2021) and is also pursuing the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program (2019-2022) of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

The inborn leadership and entrepreneurial excellence that is part of his DNA tells us more about his achievements. M. G. Gopalakrishna, the entrepreneur with an enquiring spirit, is forever in search of business opportunities that challenge the status quo. One such area that fired his imagination was the construction and retail business and in 2013 he plunged heart and soul into it. His dream was to give the city of Nellore an exclusive family entertainment center, where everyone could have a whale of a time. A project was launched soon and started to take shape on property the MGB group had owned for generations in Dargamitta, a prime locality of Nellore, AP. When it opened for business on June 24, 2016, Andhra Pradesh discovered that it had been gifted its largest mall—the MGB Felicity Mall. With an impressive double digit YOY growth, MGB Felicity Mall is constantly endeavoring to raise the bar in every aspect of its operations under the dynamic and thoughtful leadership of
M. G. Gopalakrishna.

In their September 2019 annual summit, URS-Asia One magazine honored M. G. Gopalakrishna with their award: India’s Greatest Leaders 2018-19. The award is based on a unique selection process that picks the best in terms of customer connect and market performance.

An awarded business leader, M. G. Gopalakrishna is well-known for his oratorical skills and is a key speaker in several forums like Activation Venues Forum, Indian Food Forum, and Indian Fashion Forum. In addition, he has spoken and inspired graduates at many colleges and esteemed institutions.

As a lifetime member of the Red Cross, Nellore district, he is deeply involved with many of its projects for the betterment of society. He is also a follower of Heartfulness meditation— a simple and subtle practice of meditation that takes one on a journey into the heart, towards the highest expression of one’s inner self.


To give Nellore and its surrounding areas a conveniently located family entertainment center that would provide a world class mix of retail, dining and entertainment. Specifically, a landmark people would throng to, for the immersive experience of a vibrant family entertainment center.


To operate the mall as a family entertainment center that would have something for everyone in terms of retail, dining, and entertainment, built around a safe, hygienic and eco-friendly environment. Further, to go the extra mile with a special focus on well-trained service personnel and all essential facilities to ensure an enjoyable and pleasant experience for all visitors.

MGB—a ninety-year-old group, with a glowing track record

The MGB Group is a hallowed tale that dates back to the mid-1910s, headlined by a family of five illustrious brothers, sons of a master weaver. Their glorious journey is at the core of Yemmiganur’s (a village located in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district) business lore that saw them spread their talent across diverse fields of business. A journey in which they put together a group that is today known for adhering to ethical business practices, following a sound financial discipline, providing consistent value to customers, and moving in step with changing times.

The Group counts among its stalwart founders, Machani Somappa, who embraced fame not just as an industrialist, but also as an educationist and a social activist. In 1954, the Government of India awarded Machani Somappa the Padma Shri (Public Affairs), in its earliest list of awardees. His fame spread far and wide after he created the Yemmiganur Weavers Cooperative Society (YWCS) post the famine of 1934 and 1936. Thereafter, he followed up the success of YWCS with a string of additional cooperative societies in Yemmiganur. Notably, the successful running of YWCS served as a springboard to position Machani Somappa as the leader of the weaver fraternity—as president of the All India Handloom Fabrics Marketing Co-op Society. An all-India entity, the society went onto establish a chain of handloom showrooms across the country—the epochal “Handloom House.” In addition to the success Machani Somappa achieved in setting up cooperative societies, credit also goes to him for the setting up of several successful industrial ventures.

In a journey span of ninety-plus years, the MGB Group has earned a glowing track record with significant presence in diverse industries ranging from automobile to real estate and retail. And, with a combined annual turnover upwards of Rs.650 crores, the Group’s footprint is spread across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana.

Time has moved on, and while the Group today flourishes in the hands of the family’s second and third generations, it continues to uphold the defining principles and values of the close-knit family that it has always been.

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Shri M. R. Gangadhar, Chairman, M G B Group, is a mechanical engineer. In his capacity as the chairman and managing director, he holds charge of all the companies in the Group which he has helmed for over three decades (since 1985) now. His priceless leadership has helped the Group to not only expand its existing businesses but also add new ventures to its fold.

A torchbearer of the previous generation of Machanis, he is actively involved with several social and charitable organizations, some of which are owned and operated by the M G B Group.

Shri Gangadhar has been felicitated on separate occasions for his contribution to the development of Nellore:

  • felicitated by Sri M Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Union Minister for Urban Development for Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs
  • felicitated by Sri Kalraj Mishra, Hon`ble Union Minister, Ministry for MSME , Govt. of India
  • presented the “Best Management award” by Hon’ble Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu in Vijayawada in 2017


M. G. Raghavendra, Managing Director, M.G. Brothers Industries Pvt Ltd, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Madras University and an MS from Middlesex University, London.

M. G. Gopalakrishna, Joint Managing Director, M.G.Brothers Automobiles Pvt Ltd, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Anna University, Chennai. In addition, he is attending the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) of Harvard Business School (2019-2021) and is also pursuing the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program (2019-2022) of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Quick Convenience

MGB Felicity Mall considers every patron as a cherished guest. The manifestation of this belief is visible across the length and breadth of the mall. A carefully planned array of world class privileges and conveniences make every visit a memorable experience that brings a smile on every face; a smile that is an unmistakable assertion of their thoroughly enjoyable experience at Andhra Pradesh’s largest mall.

Patron services and privileges


ATM(s) are located inside the Mall for you to conveniently withdraw cash and perform other banking transactions while you enjoy everything the Mall has to offer.

Baby care room

This is an exclusive privilege the Mall has provisioned. Whenever required, mothers can access the baby care room at the Mall to nurse their infants in complete privacy. The facility is stocked with necessary utilities for mothers and their babies.

Baby stroller

On a first-come-first-served basis, visitors can use the baby strollers available to relieve parents from having to carry their baby as they go around the Mall.

Car wash facility at basement

Visitors to the Mall can have their cars washed at this facility located in the basement while they go about visiting their favorite spots in the Mall.

First aid

To attend to sudden injury or a medical issue, the Mall has facilities to provide necessary first aid. All floor supervisors will gladly assist you to access this service.

Free bag storage

If you have got bags that you do not wish to carry with you as you go around the Mall, you can always use the convenience of the Mall’s free bag storage service. To ensure their safety, you will be handed a numbered coupon that you will need to surrender while collecting your bag(s).

Information desk

Get all your queries answered at the Mall’s Information Desk. You are also free to leave your feedback/suggestions here to help us further raise the standard and quality of the Mall’s services/facilities.

Lost & found

In case you lose any belonging, you can always note down the details at the Mall’s information desk. The lost and found department of the Mall will do its utmost to trace the item and will get in touch with you as soon as your item is located.

Mall directory

The Mall directory provides complete information about the Mall, Stores, services in the Mall, important phone numbers and more.

VIP & Valet parking

Relieve yourself of the trouble to have to park your car with our valet parking service available absolutely free.

Wheel chair

As a complimentary service, wheelchairs are made available on a first-come-first served basis for physically challenged patrons. Patrons are advised to request Mall attendants for wheelchairs at the Mall entrance.